About Kuhnswerk

Kuhns werk – A wink to the german word kunstwerk which means piece of art

/ko͞ons/ /vɛrk/

Established in 2020, Kuhswerk is a jewelry brand for the modern and the mindful. Crafting unique and versatile collections that create a timeless yet easy ensemble.

When Stefan Kuhn and Camille Gyldenhammer founded Kunhswerk, one of the main drivers was to see the world of unisex jewelry expand. The brand’s stance was to unite yin and yang elements and not be divided by gender labels. The thought that all bodies could feel appreciated and represented  the idea of attractive pieces that would combine both feminine and masculine qualities, effortlessly.

Handcrafted with care toward our planet, Kuhnswerk jewelry find itself in the slow fashion stream. The creation and manufacturing process bring focus to the uniqueness of each piece as the jewelry is not mass produced. Each and every single piece is made free-hand and is completely individual from the next.

The brand operates with only one current collection that is available until it sells out. Once this collection is past, the creative team goes back to the drawing board to create their next limited collection. This allows them to stay fresh, exclusive and ever-growing in their craft and knowledge.