Kuhnswerk jewelry is created while honoring nature’s beauty and the mission behind the brand lines up with the respect shown toward our majestic blue planet. To reduce the ecological footprint, Kuhnswerk has partnered up with one of the leading watches and jewelry manufacturing company in the world by gathering all their excess materials to use for the jewelries. High quality pieces that cannot be used in their watch manufacturing line get recycled into new products on the Kuhnswerk line! Reusing these parts reduces the purchase of any new materials while helping other industry professionals recycle their unused metals. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. It’s a three-way win *wink*.

Since all the jewelry is handmade, the molding of the pieces produces less metal and resource waste. It also means that the item you are purchasing is completely unique. All the nooks and crannies differentiate between pieces. This is Kunhswerk’s commitment to the luxurious, exclusive feel while still keeping both feet firmly planted on earth. By investing in jewelry like this, you become part of the Kuhswerk family. A family that cares for its home, its members and its commitment to sustainability excellence.

 Join us on the greener side.